Siblings – December

Bit late but here’s my little boys in December. It’s a busy month in our house. Birthdays for both boys (4 and 1), nativity plays and birthday parties all before Christmas even arrives.

Coupled with a stubborn virus that seems to be just passing from one of us to another, round and round, it’s been a hectic month full of tissues and coughing.

I also started back at work which is going well. Everyone seems to be slotting into the routines fairly well. That’s not to say we won’t all be glad of two weeks off to recharge and have fun as a foursome over Christmas though!!

Anyway, was hoping to get some festive pictures this month, but since we haven’t even got our tree up yet (can’t mix Christmas and birthdays!) I’ll have to make do with a few little pics of a nice quiet time amongst the chaos, bath time:






I’ve loved taking part in the Siblings project this year. It has really brought home to me how quickly time passes. Back in January I had a newborn and a three year old, and now my youngest at 1 has such a little personality growing. It’s been great watching them both get to know each other.

You can see all my previous Siblings posts below, and check out this month’s linky over on Dear Beautiful

dear beautiful

October – oops!


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