About me

Hi there!

So you’d like to know about me? Let’s start with 10 key things you need to know:

1. I’m married to my best friend and we have two little boys, Elliot and Alexander. They are quite simply the best things we’ve ever set eyes on.
2. I work in Publishing – more on the IT projects side than actually doing anything with content, but I love it. 
3. I am a compulsive buyer of books. Apparently it’s a thing!
4. I used to travel lots for work – my favourite places are in Asia: Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Seoul. I miss the sense of adventure, but I do love my current job
5. I once competed in Irish Dancing as a child, only stopped at 18 because I was off to Uni
6. I can speak French and once lived in Caen as part of my degree (don’t get much chance to practice so no longer as confident as I was once)
7. I have a little sister (2 years younger so not that little) she lives in London with her beautiful family – I wish we lived closer! We’re a pretty close family and I couldn’t love my niece and nephew any more!
8. I’m pretty small- 5ft 2- but have a pretty loud voice to make up for it!
9. I run. Not very well, but I try. Mostly for fundraising purposes. I’m hoping that one day I’ll be able to run for hours without arguing with myself to keep going.
10. I’m very lucky to have some of the nicest people ever to call family and friends, and hope they think the same about me.

I’m writing this blog for my sons, to look back on when they’re old enough and read their story. This is their story, I hope you enjoy it.


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