My beautiful boys

I’ve taken a couple of lovely photos of the boys recently that I really wanted to share on here. I’m not a particularly good photographer, and it’s something I’m really keen to work on. These two were actually both taken on my trusty iPhone (remind me why I spent £300 on a DSLR in January?!)

Anyway, I think they really capture my little boys at this stage in their lives.

Cuddles are still in favour (long may that last!) – he likes to cuddle everything! He has been pretty poorly with ongoing colds recently so cuddles have been accompanied by lots of nose wiping. The working mum’s nightmare of snot trails on shoulders that I only notice when I’m in a meeting, have happened more often than I’d like recently, but hey ho.

This photo was taken while he and I spent some time den building at Charlecote park a few weeks ago. I love his little cheeky smile. He’s developing a real curiosity about him – always asking questions! I really need to do some swotting up to get answers ready!


Photos like this remind me how very much I love these two and feel so lucky each day to be their Mama.. even when they’re trying my patience and refusing to put shoes on/be put down (which is actually most of the time at the’s a phase right?!)

Alexander at 6 weeks


It’s true, time really does fly when you’re having fun. And also when there’s a newborn around.

I can’t believe a little over six weeks ago I looked like this:

Not my best photo ever!

And now here we are with a six week old baby. Madness!

So Alexander, you are now 6 weeks old and have been working really hard at gaining weight. You were 7lbs 5 at birth, and now weigh a whopping 11lb 9! Those night feeds are all worth it.

You’ve been a very easy baby this far, sleeping lots, feeding well and you hardly ever cry.

Things you love:
– stretching! You are a BIG fan of a stretch, and perform several each nappy change. You also do the cute back curl one when picked up.
– Elliot. And he loves you too. He’s told everyone at nursery that you’re a “happy baby” and he loves brining you toys and rocking you in your bouncy chair. In turn, I think you’re really starting to notice him and your eyes fix on him whenever he’s near.
– cuddles. You like to be held close and rocked. You’d happily sleep on a willing shoulder at any opportunity.
– your bouncy chair. I think you like this as it means you can be more upright, and therefore a bit less sicky, as flat positions don’t help with the little bit of reflux you seem to have at the moment. It’s also a good vantage point for observing what’s going on around you.

Thank you for being an easy baby. You’ve made our little family complete and we all adore you.

Lots of love,
Mummy xxx

A corner of my house

Can I just say, I love our house.

I like being surrounded by things that make me smile.

It’s a little busy right now, with a growing toddler and a busy lifestyle, things do often get piled up on tables, and shoved into drawers, but looking beyond all the mess, I wanted to remind myself how lovely it is and so a new series of posts is born. Welcome to a corner of my house – hopefully once a month I’ll post an image of an area of my house and note down all the stories that are shown within it.

a corner of my house 1

The first is a small bit of our dining room. This photo shows the top of one of the two built in cupboards either side of the chimney breast.

1. This is a home-made collage of some photos taken from my grandmother’s house after she had died. There is a photo of their house, one of their garden, several of me as a baby and toddler (planting in the garden with my grampy) The one in the middle is of my great grandmother, my sister and me at my uncle’s wedding. I was four the day before and I still remember being so excited about having a hoop in the bottom of my dress! It also shows my sister picking her nose, which makes me laugh. In the top right, there’s a picture of me and my sister – I love this one.

2. These are Elliot’s footprints, taken when he was only a few months old. I remember thinking they looked quite big when they were done, but now they look tiny!

3. This is a beautiful tea tray given to us for our wedding from my sister and her husband (then boyfriend) It’s so ornate, and I love it!

4. This is a candle surround with crocus cut outs – I made it a local craft evening, Makeve, just before Christmas. It looks so nice with a candle flickering behind it.

5. This little wooden doll was bought in Tokyo while I was there for work. I love it as it reminds me of a past life, when I was an international jet-setter!

6. This lamp was another wedding present, and we’ve struggled to find a lamp shade to suit it – still not sure about the one we have, but it works well with the wall paper so perhaps it’s fine for now!

7. Should have taken a special photo of this actually, it’s Elliot’s Christmas hat from nursery. Covered in sequins (which get everywhere) but definitely something that will go in the memory box whenever I get time to tidy it up!

8. An iPod dock I got for Chris a couple of years ago for his birthday. This gets us bopping around the dining room and sets the tone for nice dinners!

So there you go, a corner of my house….anyone else want to share a corner of your own?