Siblings {April}

On the eve before we find out about Elliot’s Primary School place (that’s a whole other post!) I’m finally getting round to this month’s siblings post. It’s true I blog like buses…none for ages and then lots at once (probably contravening every “How to be a brilliant blogger” rule there is, but hey ho!)

Anyway, this month’s photo was taken on a really lovely family visit to Cogges Farm. I’ve blogged about Cogges before, and we continue to feel so lucky to have the farm literally on our door step.

Brothers on a swing

This month has seen lots of changes in our house as we now have a walker! Alexander has been steadily getting better on his feet and now walks the majority of the time. It is amazing how quickly he’s got the hang of walking, from taking first steps only a few weeks ago. He’s beaten Elliot’s record of 17 months (not exactly difficult, but they do say good things come to those who wait!)

Elliot is also adding more things to his list of “things he can do” – wordsearches are current favourites for indoor activities, and zooming everywhere on his scooter (with new Spiderman helmet WITH FLASHING LIGHT) is the BEST way of getting around outdoors. I kinda wish I had a grown up scooter to be able to join him!

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Reasons I work…

Today when we collected the boys from nursery, we were told that Alexander (aged 14 months) had taken some steps unaided.

I smiled, made happy “well done Alexander” noises, and left.

What i didn’t say was that those were his very first unaided steps, and that as I was actually at work all day I’d therefore missed this amazing milestone in my little boy’s development.

This is the first milestone of his I’ve missed, and I feel really mixed emotions about it. I know there’ll be many more steps to follow those first ones, but since I’m feeling low I thought I should remind myself of the reasons why I work, in the hope that when my boys are old enough to read this they’ll understand too…

1. Because we couldn’t afford our house, and lifestyle, if i didn’t

We could live on beans on toast every day I suppose, and we could forsake all family days out too. To be honest we don’t have that many of them even now (two kids in childcare is not cheap!), but even so. This year we’re trying to be much better about having actual days out, and were given National Trust membership for Christmas which we’re making full use out of.

We bought our house 6 years ago and have had work done on it recently to create a third bedroom. The house is an old Edwardian terrace “cottage”, in all honesty it was probably more than we needed at the time, but I saw the tiles on the floor in the hallway and the handmade front door and that was it. We had to have it. Though we possibly could live somewhere cheaper, it would take an awful lot (including a utility room that we currently lack!) to make me even contemplate moving!

2. I don’t have the patience to be a stay at home mamma

I feel awful admitting this. Whilst I have the utmost respect for stay at home parents, and follow their adventures avidly through other blogs, I’m just not certain that it’s for me. Their routines have a great number of fun-looking groups and clubs that I really wish I had the time to take my boys to, but full time? I just think I’d end up shouting WAY too much. I do have Fridays off but these get crammed full with shopping, house chores and Tumbletots classes that we can’t possibly fit anything else in. I also think that the time we spend apart makes the time we are together much more special, or maybe that’s just something I tell myself?

3. Secretly, I want to? 

I don’t think I could give up my career, not that I’m particularly high flying or anything, but to step off the ladder completely would scare me. I’d worry about whether I’d ever manage to step back on, and how many rungs I’d have to climb to get back to where I am currently.

I enjoy my job. I really do. I get to work with people I’m lucky enough to get along really well with, and who seem to respect and value me as much as I do them. I have worked in the same company for over 10 years and can’t see myself leaving any time soon.

So there we are, seems like you can’t have your cake and eat it. You can’t be a working mum and still be there for all milestones. I just need to keep my mind on the fact that I’ll be there for enough of them, hopefully.

Equally, as one of my friends reminded me today – at least today has given me the heads up to keep my camera with me at all times to capture Alexander’s first steps for me. They may not be his very first, but they will be mine.


The List




Alexander at 1 – a New Years Eve round up

Alexander at 1 – a New Years Eve round up

Dear Alexander,

You are one, my littlest boy. 12 months and a few days have passed since you came into our lives, on a very peaceful Monday morning. You have remained peaceful throughout (most of!) your life so far and you are honestly a delight to be with.

You continue to develop at lightening speed, crawling way before your brother did and no doubt you will be walking before he did too. We bought your first shoes today and you promptly showed them off by walking holding my fingers for ages.

Some of the best things you are capable of at the moment are kisses and cuddles – you’re so affectionate to everyone. The ladies at your nursery are as smitten with you as I am. The best person by far in your eyes is your big bro Elliot. Long may that continue. I can see you being best of friends forever.

I love you my giggly cuddly little man. Nothing makes me happier than to see you smile.

Lots of love, forever,

Mummy xxx




Alexander – 5 months


Dear Alexander,

You’re five months old today! In some ways I can’t believe it’s only five months since your arrival, as I can’t imagine life without you, but in other ways that time seems to have zipped by in a flash.

We are starting to see more bits of your little personality coming through. You like exploring new things – toys, textures, people – and you have a smile ready for everyone you meet. The biggest and best smiles are reserved for Elliot who I can already foresee becoming a bit of an idol for you.

In the past week you’ve really learnt to roll, which is amazing but equally frustrating for you as at the moment it’s only really from back to front which then means you’re stuck until someone rescues you (ok during the day but somewhat annoying during the night!)

Everything you can lay your hands on is currently going into your mouth – your skills at reaching and grasping are really developing well and it won’t be long until we start exploring the world of food with you. Think we’ll wait a little longer though as I’m really not ready for the mess!

We’ve been going to some baby music classes recently and you’ve loved exploring the instruments and watching bubbles from a bubble machine.

Next week sees our first little family holiday to the seaside. I’m really excited about spending lots of time all together and I think you’ll love the swimming pools and beaches we’ll take you to.

Big hugs little one.

Mummy xxx