What your fb status says about you

A couple of weeks ago I spotted a plea on Twitter from the lovely Aimee (Horton, over at Pass the Gin) asking for people to test out her new book.

Never one to turn up an offer for a free read, I jumped at the chance and was promptly sent a copy of Survival of the Ginnest.

Survival of the Ginnest, Aimee Horton cover image

I read it in one sitting. Honestly. It had me hooked. Written in a really interesting style, totally through Facebook statuses, I found myself wanting to add a comment myself, and kept looking for the ‘Like’ button!

In short, the book tells the story of four years in the life of Dottie Harris – quite a life changing four years in all honesty, as she goes through two pregnancies taking her from a girl about town, coping admirably with working with a hangover, to yummy mummy of two and the joys(!)  that her new role brings along with it. It’s a journey that lots of mums can relate to and I think the book will appeal to anyone who likes a quick read between their children’s bath time and their own bedtime!

I think what I enjoyed most is the kind of abstract voice you get if you literally just look at one person’s viewpoint on what is happening in their lives – exactly what you get if you look at someone else’s (or indeed your own) social media status updates. It can often tell a story all of its own and that is what Aimee has managed to do in this book. It’s like listening to one half of a conversation, and I had great fun making up the other half in my own head as I was reading.

I’d recommend you head over to Aimee’s blog and take a peek!

Survival of the Ginnest is available NOW in e-book format on all digital platforms and their website shops including Kindle, ibooks, Nook and Kobo, and is priced at just £1.99!

P.S. I have received no payment for this post, I just honestly loved the book – call it helping out a new virtual friend 🙂

My favourite place to just be…

This weekend we went for an early morning walk to Blenheim Palace – handily about 10 minutes away from our house. This is where Elliot and I spent the vast majority of my maternity leave 2 years ago (the victoria sponge is AMAZING, and don’t even get me started on the chocolate brownie…I do credit this as my sole reason for not losing baby weight quite as fast as I had wanted!)

Anyway, whilst walking this weekend I took this picture of my boys in the early morning sun, down by the lake:

blenheim palace

It reminded me of one that I took on our very first visit to Blenheim with Elliot when he was a few weeks old in early 2011. Here he is, in the same spot, cosily wrapped up in a bear suit and the Baby Bjorn:

Blenheim 2011

I love this place.

I made it through the highs and lows of the first year as a mummy here, with the help of some of my nicest friends (my NCT group) as we met each and every Thursday come rain or shine for pretty much an entire year.

Elliot made friends here too. From the time when all the babies would take it in turns to wake up for feeding and we began to wonder (through that tired-new-mummy fog – remember that?) if they’d ever actually be awake at the same time, to the times when two or three of them finally were awake enough to meet each other. From them rolling over in the grass and taking tentative first steps, to enjoying first tastes of summer picnics on lazy afternoons.

Now we don’t get to visit as much, but I still love coming here. We come here more as a family now. Elliot loves going on the little train and visiting the butterflies – this is honestly enough to keep him talking about it for days afterwards, even more so if we meet up with any of his little friends.

Blenheim will always be “our place” – I just love it.

blenheim palace

If you missed my overly excited post from yesterday, you won’t know already that I’ve been amazingly lucky enough to be shortlisted in the Family category in the Brilliance in Blogging awards run by the amazing people over at Britmums. I’d really love to make it through to the final, so if you think I deserve a place there please do vote for me. Voting closes on 12th May. To vote, click on the below badge and fill in the details – be sure to select Letters to Elliot in the Family category! In return I promise to carry on blogging, for me, for my little boy, and for all of you who enjoy seeing what we’ve been up to. Thank you so much xx

A post from cloud nine!

Well hello there,

I’m currently writing from a cloud. Number nine to be precise. I’ve been hanging out here for the last hour since I found out I’ve made my FIRST EVER blog award short list!!!! I know, I can barely believe it either!

Had a lovely post all figured out for today but that will have to wait. I’m far too excited!!

If you like my little corner of the web and fancy making my smile even bigger than my current Cheshire Cat grin, please please vote for me. Votes close on 12th May.

Now please excuse me, I’m off to dance around on my cloud a la Charlie and Lola! Yippee!!!!


Horray for sun!

I can’t tell you how much happier I am since the sun made an appearance!

Today, Tuesday 16 April 2013, I picked up Elliot from nursery, came home and played in the garden. It was so nice that we even ate our tea at the little table and chairs at the end of the garden. Bliss!

20130416-183849.jpg 20130416-183918.jpg

Ok it’s nothing amazing, but I feel like spring has finally arrived. We planted some new plants over the weekend and I think it won’t be long until we’re getting our veg box stocked (ready to be demolished by slugs but we live in hope!)

Happy Tuesday everyone!

A day at the farm

What a difference a couple of sunny days makes! So ok it wasn’t exactly warm, but at least there were blue skies and the sun came out for a bit.

In response we’ve had a really active couple of days, cramming lots of family activities in. Today we went to Cogges Farm – literally 2 minutes walk away from our house. Saved from an uncertain future, Cogges was reopened in 2011 handily while I was on maternity leave. I even helped train some of the volunteers. Recently opened for the 2013 season, there has been much changed over the Winter, with an indoor soft play area, plenty of animals to see (and feed carrots to – Elliot’s favourite thing today, I think!) and an adventure playground taking shape in the grounds, delayed by the annoying weather, but not far from completion.

We spent ages there and treated ourselves to coffee and cake in the cafe afterwards – very well recommended!

It was fantastic to be out and about and I can’t wait to take Elliot back again and again over the next few months. Cogges is a brilliant place to take children and staffed by the friendliest group of people – one even took us in to see baby chickens and let us hold and stroke them!

We got season tickets – at £15 each they’re really reasonable!

Elliot loved the wooden tractor and slide outside the cafe too!


N.B. this is not a sponsored post, I just had such a nice time and wanted to recommend it!