From toddler to little boy all in one haircut

Elliot has recently become a big brother, and has suddenly seemed to have left toddlerhood behind. Add new shoes and a haircut to that and it's a proper little boy that now stands before us, not a toddler.

Pre-haircut, coffee in Cafe Nero (one of Elliot's fave hangouts!)

His speech has also developed even further. He's always been fairly good with conversation, picking up things easily and able to have proper conversations long before he could even walk.

Over the last couple of months I've been noting some little comments he's made, some funny, others really touching, and I wanted to capture these here.

Last year, around November time, when “discussing” whether it was time for bed or not – “but, Daddy, it's not bedtime, it's AUTUMN!”

In December he decided to tell my mum (Grandmum) that “you and mummy are my best friends” (note this privileged position is granted and taken away with shocking frequency, I think currently a Daddy is holding the mantle, although it could well be Grandad as he was so excited to see him today. We all live in hope that it's our turn soon!)

Last week at nursery, looking at one of his photos on the “inclusion board” (a photo of the four of us) – “look, it's my beautiful family”

Last month, having run around a supermarket for a while, Elliot slumps to the ground on his knees – “I can't go any more, I've run out of petrol!”

Post haircut, a little boy emerges:



What do trains eat for breakfast?

A sleepy Elliot in the car

Just had to note down some of the funny things we’ve had conversations about this week with Elliot:

On seeing me lying down (20 weeks pregnant and a teeny bit tired!): Mummy, have you got head-lake (headache)? How ’bout tummy-lake? Knee-lake? Aah, I make you better

One morning, literally his first words to me:
mummy, do efflants (elephants) wear shoes? That be silly!

Over breakfast:
Elliot: Mummy, what are engines doing?
Me: I think they’re probably sleeping Elliot
Elliot: no mummy, they wake up now!
Me: oh, are they having breakfast? What do you think they like for breakfast?
Elliot: eggs, I think
Me: Yum. Do you like eggs Elliot?
Elliot: no, I like weetabix.


Mummy’s shoes are so much fun!