Your story – part two: Time to be born

To Elliot,
Here’s one of your scan pictures from before you were born! This is from your 12 week scan and you were sleeping soundly.
You and I had a great pregnancy – including trips to Germany, Malta (where I first felt you kick at 15 weeks) and China (at 28 weeks – I felt HUGE!) Towards the end, the pregnancy seemed to go on forever, particularly because I had thought you’d arrive early! You clearly had other ideas and at 11 days overdue I was induced and you were on your way!
The lovely midwife Naomi helped us get through a really tough night, and then handed over to two other midwives who were to get us to the final stage. Unfortunately, before long it was clear that you were in distress and the doctors couldn’t find your heart beat any longer so we were rushed to theatre for an emergency cesarean section to get you out safely. It took them 8 minutes to get us to the theatre and get you out. I remember how silent the room went as you were born, everyone waiting for you to breathe, and the relief when you screamed!
We didn’t know whether you were a boy or a girl but helpfully I could clearly see that you were a boy in the way they carried you past my head as they went to check everything was ok. Your Dad was the first to hold you, and you waited to open your eyes until you were safely in his arms.┬áIt was a magical moment after a traumatic few minutes and we were so pleased you were safe and well.
You and I stayed in hospital for 5 days and got to know each other. We finally came home on the 18 December 2010 – in a massive snowstorm. It was so bad we couldn’t get back to our house so we stayed at my mum and dad’s, your Grandmum and Grampy’s for your first night out of hospital.
Thankfully the roads were better the next day so we went home to get ready for your first Christmas!
Lots of love,
Mummy xx

Your story – Part one

To Elliot,

I think there are very few times in your life that you’ll remember forever, like I’m sure those around to see the first man on the moon can tell you exactly where they were and what they were doing at that moment. Mine is a little less globally important, but it completely rocked my world so I’ll tell you all about seeing that little blue line appear on the pregancy test – actually it was a digital one, with an indication of how many weeks pregnant I was also – very handy.

I’d been in Italy with work for a week, and had a little suspicion that something wasn’t quite normal, but since I was busy at Bologna book fair, I put it to the back of my mind and continued working hard all day, and wining and dining in the evenings. I had also just got back into running so had taken my kit with me and ran in the park a few times that week, enjoying the escape it allowed me from the busy days.

It was only when I got home – Saturday 27 March 2010 – that I thought we really should find out if I was pregnant. i called your Dad who went out to buy the tests, and came back with a bottle of gin too. He asked which I wanted first and poured me a gin. I thought perhaps if there was a baby growing in me, it may not appreciate yet more alcohol to swim in so I took the test upstairs and waited, and waited, while it determined whether our lives were indeed going to change.

I was shaking as I came back down the stairs, and felt a complete mix of emotions – absolutely ecstatic and at the same time terrified at the prospect that in a few short months we’d have a little baby to join us. Your dad was thrilled too, saying that he knew it would be positive this time.

After a brief scare during those first few weeks of pregnancy, we knew all was well with you. An early scan allowed us to see your little heart beating away. I’ve never been more excited in my life.

This was the beginning of our adventure…

Lots of love,
Mummy xxx