National Hug a Pregnant Woman Day


Everyone loves a hug, and this week I’ve had so many people comment on the size of my 24 week pregnant bump its really beginning to annoy me so I’d like to put some myths about bump size to rest and invite everyone to simply hug a pregnant person, rather than comment on their bump size (and yes I am hoping that I’ll be included in all the hugs..)

So, without further top 3 tips for things not to say to a pregnant person:

  1. A pregnant woman had little/no control over the size of her bump, therefore saying things like “ooh, you did this [i.e. get huge] last time, didn’t you?” is really not helpful unless you mean successfully growing a new human, in which case yes I did. I don’t need to be reminded of how big I got last time, believe me it’s all I’m thinking about.
  2. The size of a bump does not dictate how big the baby is, or necessarily how many babies there are happily growing inside. So everyone with a comment of “are you sure there’s only one in there?” please stop right now. It’s not helpful or kind.
  3. The size of a bump equally does not dictate how much longer is left before said pregnant person departs on maternity leave, or indeed gives birth. Making assumptions based on this fact alone is a very dangerous hobby and one I would advise most people, unless medically trained or wearing body armour, to avoid. Or at least just keep it to yourself. If one more person looks at me with shock when I tell them I’m hanging around at work until he end of November I think I may weep.

Yes my bump is big. I know that. I do not need anyone to tell me that as if it is something I hadn’t noticed.

The fact is I am 5 ft 2 (and a bit) inches tall and due to how my body is built, have very little space between my ribs and my hips. This is also my second child. I therefore am going to be big, and am quite likely to get a whole lot bigger before this is over *shudder*


What do trains eat for breakfast?

A sleepy Elliot in the car

Just had to note down some of the funny things we’ve had conversations about this week with Elliot:

On seeing me lying down (20 weeks pregnant and a teeny bit tired!): Mummy, have you got head-lake (headache)? How ’bout tummy-lake? Knee-lake? Aah, I make you better

One morning, literally his first words to me:
mummy, do efflants (elephants) wear shoes? That be silly!

Over breakfast:
Elliot: Mummy, what are engines doing?
Me: I think they’re probably sleeping Elliot
Elliot: no mummy, they wake up now!
Me: oh, are they having breakfast? What do you think they like for breakfast?
Elliot: eggs, I think
Me: Yum. Do you like eggs Elliot?
Elliot: no, I like weetabix.


Mummy’s shoes are so much fun!