A budding Picasso?

Dear Elliot,

This week we were invited in to your Nursery for a meeting with your Key Worker, Diana, for us to see your Learning Journey and hear how you are getting on.

We have been so pleased with the Nursery so far, you are really settled there and although you are only there for 2 days a week you are really making friends with staff and children alike. We very rarely have tears when we drop you off and it was great to hear that you are always taking an active part in the activities they organise for you.

Your Learning Journey

The staff in your room – Toddler 1 – make frequent observations of all the children and record them in a folder. These are categorised as per the Early Years Foundation Stage of the National Curriculum. It seems a lot of work for the staff, particularly at this age, but it does give us as parents a fascinating insight into your development, with a few giggles along the way.

The following are a selection of your masterpieces so far:




Your report was really good. Diana was very impressed with how you are getting on with other children and your developments so far. We’re all very relieved that you have finally bitten the bullet and started walking!

Lots of love

a very proud Mummy xxx

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