Is it just me or is potty training terrifying?

thejbird / People Photos / CC BY

There are several things that in all honesty I don’t like. These include being in long queues, being anywhere without access to a cup of tea, people who drive with fog lights on when it’s not foggy, even the annoying man who we see cycling every day on the way to work who never has his feet on his pedals in the right way, and anything to do with those really grim public toilets you find in town centres.

This last point is what I’m particularly worrying about as we are speedily heading towards the happy land of “potty training” in this house.

Our little man seems quite keen, we’ve had reports that he has “been” on a potty twice in the past couple of weeks at nursery, though currently is not showing any interest at home. For the Mummy who barely remembers to go herself before leaving the house, I’m worried I’m heading for disaster.

I mean how can you possibly get away without visiting a public toilet when you’re potty training a toddler? I can’t expect him to hang on in the insane manner that his mother seems to be able to can I?

I don’t deal with mess very well either and surely that’s an unavoidable delight that goes along with this whole phase? I can’t expect no accidents at all can I? How long do these things take?

So I need coping strategies, fast. Any advice?

Photo credit: thejbird / / CC BY

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