Fun with a two year old

I’m beginning to realise the many good things about having a 2 year old around. Elliot is so much fun right now, and picking up things like a sponge – he knows all his letters and we’re having fun trying to teach him the phonic sounds that go with them. He loves to get them wrong on purpose and make us laugh.

After nursery today, Elliot was enjoying counting raisins back into their box and it made me think of a good game we could play.

I took a piece of card, an espresso cup (to draw around) and some colouring pens and made a counting game for the numbers 1-5. (The card wasn’t quite big enough to get up to 10, and by that point our raisin supply was being depleted rather rapidly!)




The best part was the eating at the end!

I’m thinking this game will be used again and again, with pennies, little stones, beads or even daisies (if we ever get some sunshine!)

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