What do trains eat for breakfast?

A sleepy Elliot in the car

Just had to note down some of the funny things we’ve had conversations about this week with Elliot:

On seeing me lying down (20 weeks pregnant and a teeny bit tired!): Mummy, have you got head-lake (headache)? How ’bout tummy-lake? Knee-lake? Aah, I make you better

One morning, literally his first words to me:
mummy, do efflants (elephants) wear shoes? That be silly!

Over breakfast:
Elliot: Mummy, what are engines doing?
Me: I think they’re probably sleeping Elliot
Elliot: no mummy, they wake up now!
Me: oh, are they having breakfast? What do you think they like for breakfast?
Elliot: eggs, I think
Me: Yum. Do you like eggs Elliot?
Elliot: no, I like weetabix.


Mummy’s shoes are so much fun!

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