Elliot at (nearly) 33 months – the digital child


You were 32 months old in August, and I realise I’ve not blogged about you for a little while.

I thought it would a a good idea to capture some of your most favourite things at the moment, before time flies on and we forget.

As well as Thomas and Friends, which despite my best efforts you seem to be currently quite obsessed by, you have an eclectic mix of things that interest and excite you at the moment.

Some of these are found on my iPhone which does mean that your main refrain at the moment is “I have mummy’s phone?” and we are having to restrict access (for my battery as much as any other reason!)

Your top favourite app at the moment is Endless Alphabet, which is a spelling app for children who are probably a bit older than you – it has words such as gargantuan in it which you now know how to spell! It’s really good, has catchy music and little monsters that act out what all the words mean.




Another app you like is Touch and Write which we have on the iPad. This app is brilliant as we’ve programmed in a list of words ourselves – your name, family names etc. – and you love writing the letters in the words and then popping the bubbles at the end. There are also lists of common words, and letters and number shapes for you to draw over. You love choosing different things to write with – shaving foam, chocolate sauce, lime jelly, ketchup etc.

Touch and Write for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad on the iTunes App Store - Google_2013-09-02_13-35-43

Touch and Write for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad on the iTunes App Store - Google_2013-09-02_13-36-05

writing with ketchup? yes please…

As well as apps, you seem to be enjoying listening to music too. Daddy likes to play the guitar so you and he often have singing sessions. We also like to listen to music in the car, so you’re beginning to have your own favourites. You biggest favourite right now is “Rosie” by Paul Simon (otherwise known as Me and Julio down by the schoolyard) – you even know most of the words, which has to be the cutest thing ever!



singing “Rosie” in the car

I can’t believe how familar you are with all things digital already, you’re not even 3!

Scary times!

Lots of love, Mummy xx

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