How to recognise a second time mum

When I was in hospital after having Alexander I was asked, on day 3, to wheel him in his little cot round to see the paediatrician for his complete check/MOT thing. We arrived with Alexander in a sicky babygrow and the nurse took one look and said “second baby?” to which I agreed. He’d been sick a couple of times in the night, horrid mucousy sick that is common for c section babies (apparently this stuff gets squeezed out when born through the natural route!)
I chuckled to myself in the realisation that with Elliot I probably would have changed his outfit as well as the cot sheets each time he was sick, whereas with Alexander I just figured he’d probably do it again fairly soon so as long as it hadn’t really soaked through, he’d be fine to stay in a less-than-perfect babygrow for a while. Apparently that makes me recognisable as a second time mum.

I’ve also just committed another second timer offence – hearing a nappy being filled but wondering if it can wait to be changed until the next feed….

I have a feeling this is just the start.
Sorry, Alexander! Doesn’t mean I love you any less!


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