Letter A ribbon tag toy

I went on a sewing course last year, and learnt how to make Roman Blinds. Today I picked up some stuff to start making blinds for the boys' bedrooms. I need to investigate fabrics next which I'm really excited about.

As I haven't used my sewing machine for a couple of months I thought I'd test it out this afternoon on making a toy for Alexander. I had the idea of making him a letter A with some ribbon tags.

I had some off cuts of fabric – a thick stripy one, and some white fleece to pad it out a bit. I googled typography and traced over a big A to get the template, and then cut out two stripy and two fleecy A's.

I then raided my ribbon stores and cut little strips (about 3 or 4 inches each I think) – I also have some 'Made with love' ribbon which I stitched on to the front A.

I sandwiched the folded ribbons between the fleece and pinned all the layers together before stitching them together.

If you didn’t want the edges to show, you can stitch the ribbons in by putting the two patterned fabric letters together, right sides facing, with the ribbon loops facing inwards between the layers. You’d then stitch round, making sure to sew the ribbon ends in. You’d need to leave a gap to turn the letter out so the right sides show, and to insert some padding.

Mine needs some tidying up; I'm going to hand stitch around the edges, as the reverse looks a bit plain and boring, and as the main fabric is the type that frays easily I'll make it an 'even' fray around all edges to give it a more 'rustic' feel, but I think Alexander will like it. He has just become aware that he has hands, so soon we'll be moving on to grabbing objects, and this will be a perfect size for him to explore.
I think if I were to make another one I'd add some little beads or rice inside to give it some weight.

I've just realised this post is perfectly timed for the new series of The Great British Sewing Bee on BBC 2… There go my Tuesdays evenings for the next few weeks!


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