Siblings – March


I’ve cheated a little with the Siblings project this month, as the photos aren’t just of the boys. We’ve been trying to photograph us all together as a family, and the selfies we ended up with are so funny I thought these should be the photos I’d use.


The boys are definitely getting more used to each other now. Ignoring a recent unfortunate incident with a toy engine (Diesel 10 for anyone interested in engines) and Alexander’s head (!) Elliot is generally very kind towards Alexander, and is always comforting him whenever her cries. He gave him one of his precious muslin squares this week when Alex was crying waiting for me to open the front door and can often be heard saying “it’s okay Alexander, mummy’s coming” It’s enough to make my heart melt a little…


These three months seem to have flown by and I can’t believe we’re on month three of this project. It’s scary really. Hope 2014 slows down a little now the spring is finally making an appearance. For now I’m going to make a cup of tea and check out the other Siblings posts for this month. To do the same, click on the icon below (it won’t make you a cuppa but they’re good reads!)

dear beautiful

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11 thoughts on “Siblings – March

  1. These photos are so cute (and you can link them up with Me and Mine on the last day of the month too – bonus!) I love those little moments when you hear the biggest comforting the littlest, it’s totally heart melting. x

    • Thanks for commenting. I totally agree on the heart melting moments, they’re a bonus as I’d never really thought about how my children would get to have each other as well as us, if you know what I mean. I’m almost jealous!

  2. Lovely to have family pictures at such a monumentous time, we didn’t do it enough. I find that mine all love to look back on pictures when their sibling was a baby and they were the responsible one!

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