Siblings – July


Hello July!

This month – since the last Siblings post – we have seen major developments in Alexander’s abilities – at nearly seven months old he can now sit up really well and this means he can start to interact more when Elliot is playing.

Elliot is such a loving and caring big brother, always ready to talk to Alexander and tell him what’s going on, and he’s really good at keeping him occupied with toys and cuddles. He loves riding on the buggy board as he gets to talk to Alexander and let me know each time Alex smiles at him.

Elliot frequently tells us he loves his little brother – ok so I am sure that may change as the years progress but it’s really heart melting at the moment.

This month’s siblings photos were taken yesterday as Alexander started playing with our wooden alphabet blocks. Elliot soon got excited about it and they actually (almost) started playing together. It was so cute (and yes I got carried away and started spelling with the blocks…)

These two really are very cool kids. I’m so proud of my little family!



16 thoughts on “Siblings – July

  1. I absolutely love that first picture where you eldest hugs your 7 months old! Precious memories! and well done for being able to sit on his own at only 7 months. I have two girls and my eldest very often says that she loves her younger sister and the look on my 19 month old when she hears it! It just melting my heart!

  2. Oh you definitely should be proud of your little family, what an adorable pair. They look so thrilled to be playing together. It’s amazing how quickly things change as they become more and more ‘equal’. So sweet! x

  3. Sibling love is one of my favourite things – your two look so gorgeous together. My first son was just the same when his little brother came along (and again with this littlest brother!) and they are firm friends at (just turned) seven and (nearly) five. They still cuddle and tell each other (and me) that they love each other. Your two look like they could be just the same!

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