Alexander – 5 months


Dear Alexander,

You’re five months old today! In some ways I can’t believe it’s only five months since your arrival, as I can’t imagine life without you, but in other ways that time seems to have zipped by in a flash.

We are starting to see more bits of your little personality coming through. You like exploring new things – toys, textures, people – and you have a smile ready for everyone you meet. The biggest and best smiles are reserved for Elliot who I can already foresee becoming a bit of an idol for you.

In the past week you’ve really learnt to roll, which is amazing but equally frustrating for you as at the moment it’s only really from back to front which then means you’re stuck until someone rescues you (ok during the day but somewhat annoying during the night!)

Everything you can lay your hands on is currently going into your mouth – your skills at reaching and grasping are really developing well and it won’t be long until we start exploring the world of food with you. Think we’ll wait a little longer though as I’m really not ready for the mess!

We’ve been going to some baby music classes recently and you’ve loved exploring the instruments and watching bubbles from a bubble machine.

Next week sees our first little family holiday to the seaside. I’m really excited about spending lots of time all together and I think you’ll love the swimming pools and beaches we’ll take you to.

Big hugs little one.

Mummy xxx

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