To my baby son

As you lie here, asleep,
Completely encircled in my arms
Already so much bigger than you were
But just a fraction of the man you’ll be
I look at you and wonder at all the sights your eyes will see
All the sounds your ears will hear
All the places you will go, some near and some far
And I want to capture this night, lock it away in my head,
To remember when my arms were the place you longed to be
For in no time you’ll be grown and too big for your mummy to hold

My son, it is impossible to capture in words
All the love I have in my heart
You, like your brother,
will be my life’s work
I hope I do you proud.



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Happy Birthday my little man

13 December 2011 – your first birthday!

Happy birthday to my little man
For nine months I carried you inside me, protected you and let you grow,
For several more I carried you in my arms, rocked you to sleep and played peep-o
Now you’re crawling, very soon you’ll be walking, my little man
I can’t wait to hold your hand while you take those first steps
Just don’t grow up too fast
Looking back at photos it is very clear
You’ve achieved so much and it’s only been a year
Adventurous and fun, that’s how I’d describe you, my little man
I can’t wait to watch you grow and develop
Just don’t grow up too fast
And always remember
No matter what life throws at you
Through thick and thin
Good times and bad
I love you
Mummy xxx