A letter of apology

To the future girlfriend/wife/life- partner of my currently-3-year-old son,

Hello. Nice to meet you. I’m sure we’ll get along just fine but I feel like I must first apologise for some rather strange habits that I fear you may have to learn to live with in your choice of partner.

Believe me I have tried everything to persuade him to drop these delightful traits but, as you probably know by now, your boyfriend of choice is pretty strong willed!

So, if you are serious about this, you’ll need to get used to the following:

- The first meal he will have made you (and probably most meals you have together actually) will undoubtedly consist of fish fingers and chips or a Dairylea Dunker. There will not be a vegetable in sight, so forget all hopes of getting your five- (or seven-) a-day whilst in this relationship. You may consider taking vitamin supplements. He may also ask you to feed him. You know, his arms lose all ability to function whenever there is someone else with arms around to rely on. Sorry about that. Please remember to cool down any hot food by blowing on the spoon…
- Any new suggestion is likely to be met with an immediate “No” response, usually supported by one of the following reasons:
* I’m too tired
* I’ll do it tomorrow
* I’m not happy
* I don’t like it
This applies to EVERYTHING! Literally. Good luck trying to get around these.
- The above means that it is likely that your choice of partner will wear holes in shoes rather than buy new ones, not want to wear short sleeved tops without a long sleeved top on top AT ALL TIMES and generally always want to wear what he wore yesterday rather than anything clean…
- N.B. The one exception to the above is when a visit to a soft play area, or a trip to the swings and slides, is suggested. This generally always elicits a “Yes”
- You’ll need to be proficient in your knowledge of Thomas and Friends characters. Heaven help you if you get Henry confused with Percy! Knowing storylines is also important as he likes to play “guess the engine” at regular intervals and will correct any errors with a sigh. You have been warned.
- In addition to the point above, get used to watching endless YouTube videos of people covering Thomas engines in PlayDoh and pushing them off tables. It is important that this is thought of as “fun”

Despite all this, he is still I hope a pretty cute guy, and has a heart of gold. It is true, his mother does love him!

Good luck. If you ever need any moral support, you’re welcome round here anytime. I’ll have the kettle on.

With love,
Your future mother-in-law xx





Siblings – April

Oh my, where has that month gone? I’m a day late with my siblings photo this month because it simply came round too quickly!





This month has seen a major development in the boys’ relationship – cuddles!!

Elliot is desperate to hug and cuddle Alexander and loves to crouch down next to his bouncy chair or car seat and hug him. He comes and finds us after his bath to give Alexander a goodnight hug and kiss, and sometimes to read him a book (the Stripy Horse ones are favourites right now)

We’ve just got a second hand inline double buggy (our three year old still needs naps and is quite adamant about when he doesn’t want to walk!) and its given me a new sense of freedom. I can go out into town with them both on my own and Elliot has the option of walking or being in the buggy. It was whilst out with them both that I overheard Elliot looking over the side of the buggy, at Alexander who sits behind him, saying “are you alright down there Alex?”

I love my boys!

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dear beautiful

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Alexander at 16 weeks


The saying “time flies when you’re having fun” is proving to be true at the moment. In fact time seems to be flying whether we are having fun or not (mostly we are!)

Alexander you are now nearly 16 weeks old, that’s four months! I can’t believe how quickly those months have passed. You are getting better at sleeping for longer stretches at night and as much as I hate to admit it moving you into your own room seems to have been a good idea. I think we’re a way off a full nights sleep, which your brother was doing by now but to be honest I really don’t mind. We’ll get there.

You have the sunniest nature and really are an easy baby. Lots of people like to comment on how happy, smiley and quiet you are. I love being your mummy!


Elliot: Mummy is it your birthday?

Me: no, it’s Mother’s Day. A day we have to be nice to our mummies.

Elliot: oh


Elliot: (quietly) I didn’t make you a flower

Me: did the other children make flowers at pre-school?

Elliot: yes. I did a card and a biscuit though!