Tooth #4 is through!

To Elliot,

So, you now have 4 teeth!

It’s amazing watching you grow though I’m sure I’m not the only mother fighting time on this one – half of me wants you to always be reaching the next stage, wondering what it will be like when you crawl, walk, talk, skip and run, whilst the other part of me just wants to stop time right now so I can just sit and look at you, to have enough time to study your face all over and file that image in the cabinet in my brain marked “Elliot” before you grow and change, so that in years to come I can recall this very moment and all I think and feel and wish for you right now.

You start nursery soon as I am going to return to the world of work. We must all move on from our wonderful year of getting to know each other and what it’s like to be a little family. I am excited, and nervous, about what the next stage has in store for us! Roll on tooth #5!!

Lots of love and cuddles,
Mummy xxx

2 thoughts on “Tooth #4 is through!

  1. Ah, it's always refreshing to hear of someone who so clearly loves spending time with their child – so many of us moan even though we love them. Gorgeous picture. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog too x

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