“Why not?” – Conversations with a two year old

Dear Elliot,

I’m loving the conversations we’re having with you at the moment, and the sayings you’re picking up from the people around you really make us giggle.


A couple of snippets from conversations recently:

Daddy (holding two pens): Elliot, would you like the red one or the green one?

Elliot: Yes!

Mummy: Elliot, would you like a drink?

Elliot: No… (looks quizzical) Why?… Why not…

Mummy (at 4am, after hearing Elliot crying, and expecting a full on tantrum): Elliot, it’s still night-time, lie down please

Elliot: OK mummy, night night (lies down)

It makes the whole (shh!) terrible two thing so much more bearable!

Love you loads xxx

Check out some more funny things kids say via the Actually Mummy Wot So Funee meme:
Wot So Funee?

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8 thoughts on ““Why not?” – Conversations with a two year old

    • Totally agree with you – nature has a funny way of making them cute while they’re going through the annoying stages too. I’m sure I’ll be joining in the Wot So Funee linky lots over the coming years…

  1. Ahh this is so cute. My son says “no” to everything, even when he really means yes. It’s very confusing! And I also agree, it must be deliberate that they come out with the cutest things right when they are at their most testing πŸ™‚

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