Battle scars of parenthood

I know most mums will say their body changed during pregnancy and some warn that it never really goes back to normal afterwards either, well I’ve been keeping notes and can report the following are the four biggest mummy battle scars after producing two children. (This is the stuff they don’t advertise about motherhood!)

1. Your tummy will continue to look like it’s been lived in, which technically I guess, it has. Mine currently resembles my old stomach encased in an oversized baggy holdall. Am thinking it could be used as a weekend bag, although that would only really be useful if I were ever to go away for the weekend, which after two kids is unlikely. I like to kid myself that this will eventually go away (normally whilst eating some form of chocolate or cake..)

2. Your hair falls out. Big time. I think this actually gets worse with each pregnancy as it’s seriously coming out in handfuls at the moment. Gross. And very annoying when cleaning the shower. I keep finding little clumps firmly grasped in my baby’s fists which can’t be a good thing and I think the Hoover might be about to go on strike. If only I could sell it to wig makers, I’d make a fortune out of being bald! In the meantime I’m planning a big chop.

3. Your knees get their very own calluses. Lush I know, I am truly the envy of gardeners everywhere. These delightful things have been gained from 3+ years of kneeling on floors constructing train tracks, changing nappies, crawling with a child on my back, putting together jigsaws, zooming cars around and playing games. I seriously don’t know why we bother even having sofas in this house!

4. The dark rings around the eyes that develop through lack of sleep. I thought I had these before I had kids from late nights out and the occasional hangover, but now they’re an even darker grey from not sleeping more than a couple of hours at a time. I do console myself that smoky eyes are “in” right now, it’s just a shame mine are on the wrong eye lid!

Attractive, no?

Me, before the hair started falling out!

Are there any others I’ve missed, or should be looking forward to?

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11 thoughts on “Battle scars of parenthood

  1. My hips got wider and never went back. My hair actually didn’t fall out after pregnancy, but during. My hair got so brittle and gross that I had to chop it all off. They say girls steal your beauty and boys make you glow. Boy was THAT true!

    • Thanks for your comment. It’s funny how none of this is advertised about pregnancy isn’t it!! My children are both boys so I’m evidence to the fact that they don’t always make you glow!

  2. I’m not a vain person so my flabby tum and stretch marks are to me a beautiful reminder that I was able to have kids.My hair is still falling out after 11 1/2 years of parenthood.It’s a given thing so I’m not going to worrying about it too much 😀

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