Reasons to be happy


Today is International Day of Happiness, so I’d like to list the many reasons that currently make me happy.

1. My husband regularly getting up at silly o’clock and sorting out Elliot so that Alexander and I get more sleep. Thanks love.

2. Elliot’s current love of giving everyone cuddles, we all got great big cuddles first thing this morning as “cuddles are very nice to do”

3. Alexander finding his thumb (and therefore sleeping longer at night!) Yippee!

4. Elliot being really adventurous at a soft play centre with me yesterday, when he’s normally quite cautious at these sort of places. (Yes, I single handedly took two children to a soft play area and not only did we survive to tell the tale, we actually all had a really good time. It was fab to spend some one on one time with Elliot while Alexander slept! It also made me feel like supermum!)

5. Hot cross buns with butter and a hot cup of tea!

6. Ignoring the forecast of more cold and wet weather to come, I’ve loved the bright sunny weather we’ve had over the past few days. Spring is here people!

8. Pink tulips against the green wall in our living room. Love love love.

9. Maternity leave – not having to think about work for another 6 months is brilliant 🙂


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5 thoughts on “Reasons to be happy

  1. Those all sound like very wonderful reasons to be happy. Congratulations on the soft play success, by the way, I am in awe having never managed to negotiate a sleeping baby while there!

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