Siblings – May

Is it me or was it only two minutes since the last Siblings post?


This month I’ve been struck by how our decision to have a second child has made significant changes to our first child’s life, and in our case I think these have been largely positive.

Elliot has always been fairly good around other children and as he has a cousin close in age he is quite good at sharing and very kind and considerate towards others. He’s really starting to show this in his relationships with Alexander now, always ready to give him a toy and checking that he’s ok. It’s just so cute to watch!


dear beautiful

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2 thoughts on “Siblings – May

  1. It’s definitely not just you – it seems only last week that I was posting the last one – time is just scuttling away from me this year! And these are lovely photos, especially the squishy hug at the end, they seem such happy brothers!

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