Elliot – 41 months (& 3 days!)


My biggest boy Elliot,

I haven’t done an update on here for you for a little while. What can I say about you at the moment? You are an absolute delight and so very funny!

You have in the past month completely cracked potty training, which had up until then been a bit of a worrying area for you. We are so proud that you’ve made this big step and I really think mastering that has given you much more confidence in other areas.

You are a huge fan of swings, slides, and see saws at the moment – daring us to push you higher and higher. You have also recently taken to your scooter really well and love nothing more than scooting down the lane to the farm near our house.

We are constantly amazed by your reading – it’s true you can actually read pretty much anything now – and since your little till came along (thank you Grandmum!) you have become really fascinated with numbers and working out addition and subtraction sums on your till. I have to say I think we’re going to have to start swotting up on our rusty maths skills to keep up with you at this rate.

You moved up to the Pre School room at Nursery in January and have been getting on famously there also, despite some initial hesitance.

We’re so proud of our little man, even if there are some things you’d rather put off until “tomorrow” or “when I’m nine, Mummy!”

Lots of love and hugs for my biggest one,

Mummy xxxx

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