Goodbye baby, hello toddler!

We’ve reached another milestone in this house this week. Our little man now sleeps in a bed (well, his cot bed with one of the sides removed) and I feel like he’s really growing up, noticeably getting clearer in his speech and actions each day. It’s amazing!

Any nervousness I had about taking the side off his cot was completely unfounded as he’s managed brilliantly so far, and seems to love his bed. He still hasn’t worked out that he can get out of it himself in the morning, so still shouts for one of us to go in, but he hasn’t fallen out yet(touches wood) and an added unexpected bonus was that it made it far easier to sort him out after a poorly nighttime episode on Monday night, which would have been much harder if he was still in the cot.


Catching up on some light reading

So there we are, next stop potty training (whenever the sun comes out, and yes I’m sticking to that as an excuse as to why I haven’t started it already, did you even read my post on potty training? I’m terrified!)

Enough already…

Dear Mr Weather Man,

You seem to be having some difficulties remembering what weather should go with what season this year. May I just remind you that it is now April. APRIL. That is, the fourth month of the year. It is now time, in fact we are somewhat late already, for SPRING!!!

Remember that season? The one between Winter and Summer? The one where we get to stop wearing tights and gloves and hats and looking like a rather weathered Michelin man, and start thinking about hunting out the sandals and floaty clothes ready for Summer?

I mean, I love Winter, I really do. I love wrapping up warm, I own far too many scarves and gloves, and to be honest lounging about in cosy pyjamas wrapped up in blankets is one of my favourite past times, but the novelty wore off sometime back in January and it’s now April. APRIL!!

Come on! It’s time for little lambs to be frolicking in the fields, doing that weird and wonderful springy jumpy thing they do. It’s time for little chicks to be born, and for daffodils and crocuses to sprout up with no danger of being lost in another snow flurry. 

I want to be able to take my child out for a walk without having to have the ‘please wear a hat or your head may fall off’ debate, and actually be able to go to the park and play on the swings without him screaming because he’s so cold. I want to be able to sit outside, and maybe actually restore some normality to our rather neglected and weather beaten garden.

We’re done with Winter now. We had lots of fun in the snow, and it was lovely to have it around for a bit but I think I speak for everyone when I say that we could really do with a bit or sunshine now. 

Is it too much to ask? I think not.

Yours sincerely,

a very cold Mummy xx

P.S. Are you kidding me? As I’ve been typing this, it’s actually started snowing outside. Again!

Boy in the snow

Lovely, but chilly. We want less of this…

Boy and ball

Elliot in New York last July. More of this please…

A corner of my house

Can I just say, I love our house.

I like being surrounded by things that make me smile.

It’s a little busy right now, with a growing toddler and a busy lifestyle, things do often get piled up on tables, and shoved into drawers, but looking beyond all the mess, I wanted to remind myself how lovely it is and so a new series of posts is born. Welcome to a corner of my house – hopefully once a month I’ll post an image of an area of my house and note down all the stories that are shown within it.

a corner of my house 1

The first is a small bit of our dining room. This photo shows the top of one of the two built in cupboards either side of the chimney breast.

1. This is a home-made collage of some photos taken from my grandmother’s house after she had died. There is a photo of their house, one of their garden, several of me as a baby and toddler (planting in the garden with my grampy) The one in the middle is of my great grandmother, my sister and me at my uncle’s wedding. I was four the day before and I still remember being so excited about having a hoop in the bottom of my dress! It also shows my sister picking her nose, which makes me laugh. In the top right, there’s a picture of me and my sister – I love this one.

2. These are Elliot’s footprints, taken when he was only a few months old. I remember thinking they looked quite big when they were done, but now they look tiny!

3. This is a beautiful tea tray given to us for our wedding from my sister and her husband (then boyfriend) It’s so ornate, and I love it!

4. This is a candle surround with crocus cut outs – I made it a local craft evening, Makeve, just before Christmas. It looks so nice with a candle flickering behind it.

5. This little wooden doll was bought in Tokyo while I was there for work. I love it as it reminds me of a past life, when I was an international jet-setter!

6. This lamp was another wedding present, and we’ve struggled to find a lamp shade to suit it – still not sure about the one we have, but it works well with the wall paper so perhaps it’s fine for now!

7. Should have taken a special photo of this actually, it’s Elliot’s Christmas hat from nursery. Covered in sequins (which get everywhere) but definitely something that will go in the memory box whenever I get time to tidy it up!

8. An iPod dock I got for Chris a couple of years ago for his birthday. This gets us bopping around the dining room and sets the tone for nice dinners!

So there you go, a corner of my house….anyone else want to share a corner of your own?