Siblings – February


It’s time for the monthly Siblings photo (part of Dear Beautiful Boy’s linky) and I must say it’s come round fast.

This month has been one of finding our feet as a family of four, and if I’m really honest I’ve been loving it.

The boys are definitely noticing each other more. Elliot is really caring towards Alexander, and although still doesn’t want to sit next to him for photos (he has a irrational fear of being photographed, not sure why!) he does like to stroke him, and give him goodnight kisses.

Alexander is in awe of Elliot. His eyes fix on him whenever he’s around. It’s so cute!

I’m really enjoying watching these two learn about each other, and honestly, every day I feel like the luckiest mummy around. My boys are amazing!

dear beautiful

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18 thoughts on “Siblings – February

  1. It is amazing how quickly they just adore and idolise each other isn’t? I found it fascinating how that love for each other was just there so instantly and without question. It’s such a lovely time as they get to know each other, and it keeps getting better. Such a lovely photo. x

  2. They are so cute! My older daughter went through that phase, she would just run off every time I got the camera out. I admit I bribed her with ice cream to get photos, hahah.

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