Siblings – June

This month has seen our first holiday as a family of four, and lots of time spent together in the sunshine with picnics out, trips to Blenheim Palace and Cogges Farm. The boys have really enjoyed being in each other’s company, and so far (touch wood) we’ve still not had any real resentment issues from Elliot. He loves to give Alexander cuddles and takes real pleasure in telling us that Alexander is smiling when he sees him.

Alexander has learnt to roll, so is spending lots of time moving around the living room floor. I’ve started to wonder why we even own sofas as I seem to spend a lot of my time down on the rug with both boys building train tracks/stopping Alexander from rolling under the sofas (it has happened far too many times already….bad mummy I know) I also really need to buy new jeans as mine seem to be wearing thin on the knees!

Elliot is still pretty camera shy and doesn’t ever like to pose for a photo. Most pics are taken while he’s doing something else or focused on someone/the tv (again, bad mummy skills…)

My photo for this month’s siblings project is therefore not a cute ‘brotherly hug and smile at camera’ photo (though I do hope that this does happen at some point this year?!?) but it does capture a brilliant morning spent playing on the floor.


Happy June everyone 🙂

dear beautiful

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9 thoughts on “Siblings – June

  1. They look really comfortable in each others company. What a lovely idea to track how they get on and grow together.

  2. Well done Alexander! Sounds like you’re having an interesting time of it 😉 A lovely but very tiring phase 🙂

  3. It is incredibly hard to get two little ones even looking at the camera at the same time, let alone smiling! And I like the pictures that capture a real moment the best anyway, they’re the ones where you can see their personality and loves in that moment come shining through and that makes them precious!

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