To my eldest boy

Dear Elliot

Tomorrow morning we will find out which Primary School you will go to in September. We’ve known this was coming but it always seemed far away enough to forget about. We’re now just a few months away from you becoming a school boy. That suddenly seems far too close for comfort.

I have been a working mama since you were 10 months old, bar the time I was on maternity leave with Alexander, so I know that in essence things are not going to be too different – I’ll be working and you’ll be at school instead of nursery/pre-school, but it just seems so final. This is the end of your baby days, you’ll no longer be a pre-schooler. It’s a huge change.

You’re so absolutely ready for school. I have no concerns at all over your ability to settle in and do well. You can read way above what would normally be expected at your age. You actually asked me today why I suggested you put your finger along the words as you read, and you’re quite right, you don’t need to as you read by sight absolutely perfectly. You read with appropriate emphasis on voices, questions and exclamations. It’s amazing how you’ve just got it! We feel incredibly proud of you.

You are fascinated by numbers too, and like to set us maths problems – “what is 156 take away 19 mummy?”

I look forward to seeing you grow in confidence when you settle in with friends who you’ll be with for your school life. I’m hoping that some of your pre-school friends will be going to the same school, so that will be a good transition.

We’re working hard with you at the moment to get you ready in other ways, taking yourself to the bathroom, and getting yourself dressed and undressed. You’ve basically got it nailed in just a few days.

So, I guess there’s nothing much for me to be concerned about. As usual it’s more painful for me than it is for you. Time to let you fly the nest a little, just remember I’m always ALWAYS here for you.

Lots of love,

Mummy xxx

A mummy cuddle

2 thoughts on “To my eldest boy

  1. We’re waiting too, although I have to say while N will be ready on the social and personal awareness, toilet, dressing, eating etc bits, he’s nowhere near as far along the line as your son. I’m hoping the summer term and holidays he’ll continue to be willing to focus for longer and want to learn more numbers and letters – at the moment, if it’s not in his name, he’s not interested, and even then his interest doesn’t last long!

    • It’s so true that they all develop at different paces. E took AGES to walk, potty train, ride a scooter, go down a slide, yet he can read chapter books in his head. They all get there in the end! šŸ™‚ xx

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