Siblings – November

I told myself this month’s siblings post wasn’t going to start with any of the normal “how is it November already?”, “OMG it’s nearly Christmas!” or “can’t believe how fast this year has gone”, but seriously….it’s gone so fast we’ve missed a month! Apologies for lack of October post – it only got as far as a draft…

I go back to work next week. Not next month, or in a couple of weeks, but next week. 6 days away.

I feel like I’m at the end of one chapter and about to turn over a crisp new page to a whole new one. A ‘working mummy of two’ chapter. Come back soon and see how it goes?


In the meantime, the change in the season has happened and I’ve been busy getting the boys settled into their new routines of nursery/preschools etc. (it’s so complicated we have a whiteboard installed in our kitchen!)

The boys have spent time playing together, enjoying each other’s company for the most part (when there’s no train track around that is!)

The relationship blossoming between them is amazing to watch. They genuinely seem to love each other. How cool!

I’ve also been really listening to the lyrics of several songs we had just been hearing previously. Below is one that seems to fit perfectly with the colder weather, and my desire to wrap up my boys and keep them safe and warm at all times.

And we will keep you,
We will keep you
Little one, safe from harm,
Like an extra arm, you are a part of us<

Laura Marling, Goodbye England (Covered In Snow)

So, life is about to change, see you on the other side!! Hopefully the boys will still be as smiley…


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Today – my day with my littlest

We’re reaching that part of maternity leave that seems to be full of lasts and firsts.

It sounds rather dramatic and sentimental, but today was the last day (ever?) that I get to spend the entire day with my youngest son, on our own, before I go back to work next month.

We went to our last (ever!) Saltbox music group and I managed to hold it together enough not to blub at the point where all the babies just sit in awe of the bubble machine (why do I find that really moving? I’m clearly weird!) We’ve really loved those classes, have done them for months.

We celebrated our last class by having coffee and cake with a friend. Mmm chocolate cake on Monday morning – the best way to start the week!

Alexander and I then had a walk (well I walked, he slept!) and then lunch at home.

This afternoon I thought we should mark today in a small way, by doing some canvases of Alexander’s hands and feet. We got some kits for Christmas last year and have never got round to using them. Turns out it’s really easy so not sure why we didn’t do it until now. It’s nice that my sentimental brain will be able to look at them in the months to come and know we did that on our last day together.

So, my beautiful giggly little Alexander, thank you so much for the past 10 months, I’ve had a ball. Hope you’ve loved it too. I know you’ll love nursery and I’m so jealous of the ladies that get to spend their days with you while I’m at work.

Love you littlest one

Mummy xx

Some pics of our day (sorry there’s a few!):